мішки на піддоні For more than 20 years ... (polypropylene bags wholesale throughout Ukraine)
we offer our customers polypropylene containers (bags and big bags). Each order is considered as providing a quality product at the best price without unnecessary overpayments. We have a wide range. For most orders, polypropylene bags are ready in stock and waiting to be shipped. You can use our unique calculator to calculate the number of bags, which is given below (it's not just "divide by kg", but a more complex algorithm than it seems at first glance). Set a task: (067) 503-09-54 або (073) 503-09-54
мішки склад Different products of different bulk density, different fraction and with different storage requirements are filled into polypropylene bags. An important indicator of the operation of the bags is the density of the fabric from which the bag is made. For light products (bran, charcoal ... everything that has a large volume and light weight) we offer cheaper bags of low density. We recommend pouring heavier products (grain, cereals, flour ...) into stronger containers. Certain conditions of packing, transport and storage require bags of very high density (also called: "density"). Order what suits you: (050) 443-75-12 or (067) 443-75-12
мішки розір Double neck ... (Reinforcement of the filling part of the PP bags)
Often filling machines or the filling process require a reinforced filling neck. Therefore, we can make bags "hemmed" or "unstitched". Hemmed polypropylene bag is also called "chopped", "twisted", etc. Most of our polypropylene bags are usually divided by "kilograms". Kilograms are conditional, about 1 kg. = 1 liter or 1 dm. 5kg bags , 10kg , 25kg and < a href = "meshki_50kg.html"> 50kg . Ask our specialists about bag sizes: (067) 503-09-54 or (050) 443-75-12
Мішки з різними логотипами 5 (conditionally) kilogram bag (30 * 45) Bag "five". Details >>>
- has a standard size of 30 * 45 cm. As a rule, it is a simple bag without special requirements for strength, reinforced necks and inserts. We may offer you an exception to these rules. Based on the "basic" we will make for you a tighter, "hemmed", with a polyethylene insert , with handles, with simple drawings, with complex color logos, longer, shorter. .. almost any!
Packing of clean bags of 1000 pcs. 5 kg bags with a logo of 500 pcs.
All photos via viber +38 (067) 443-75-12

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Для того, щоб зрозуміти скільки та якого розміру мішків Вам потрібно - скористайтесь нашим калькулятором. Важливим показником для розрахунків є насипна щільність продукції (для прикладу: борошно пшеничне 600-700 кг/м3, зерно та цукор 850 кг/м3, пісок річковий сухий 1500 кг/м3 і т.д.). Точніше про свій продукт знаєте Ви або інтернет.
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Отриманий результат є орієнтовним (точніше про це запитайте наших працівників). Кількість мішків при замовленні має бути кратне 500 шт. Алгоритм роботи цього унікальнокго "калькулятора кількості мішків" є нашою власною розробкою.
запаковані мішки Polypropylene bag "ten". Details >>>
He is "ten kilograms", he is "40 by 55", he is "55 * 40", he is "something average". The principle of manufacture, standards and orders is similar to the previous case with 5-kg. Once again we remind that "kilograms" in conversation about container are secondary, each product has the volume of "kilogram". Very often 40 * 55 is used as bags for sugar, bags for flour, compound feed , bags for rice and other cereals. For example: 10 kg. sugar or flour easily fill a bag of 40 * 55, and 10 kg. ... sand will take only half.
мішки зелені жовті білі 25-kg. Details >>>
In the most common sense, a bag for 25 kg. The product has a size of 50 * 75 cm. It should be noted that in large bags the strength is more important than in bags of small packaging. We offer you different bags within a certain size! Also to 25-kg it is possible to carry a bag of 50 * 90 cm. To fill up 25 kg for some products bags of 50 * 75 will be not enough. Make no mistake, it is better to dial (067) 443-75-12
Мішки Bag "for 50 kilograms". Details >>>
If you want to order a 50 kg bag from us, imagine more than 30 samples of different bags, 20 of which are 50 kg 55 * 105 cm. All of them contain 50 kg. average "cereals", but they are all different in performance and price.
All polypropylene bags are packed on 500, 1000, 1500 pieces. (depends on the density and weight of the package)
To correctly determine the type of bag you need - call us!
мішки поліпропіленові великі Polypropylene bags (very large) 100x100, 100x120, 100x150, 100x200, cm. Details >>>
Weight is not always a key factor in choosing bags. Some products are very light and the main volume for their packaging. You will be able to buy polypropylene bags of the non-standard sizes from us.
Don't spend a lot of time ordering bags for the New Year holidays - spend time celebrating!
мішки поліпропіленові зелені Low quality polypropylene bag
Green (sometimes yellow, brown, sand ...) low quality polypropylene bags are the cheapest option. The thinner the fabric from which the bag is made - the cheaper the bag. Such polypropylene bags are not suitable for food packaging.
Вартість мішків поліпропіленових сильно збільшиться на початку 2021 року. The cost of polypropylene bags will increase sharply in early 2021.
This is due to the rising cost of raw materials for the production of bags. We try to smooth out price fluctuations and offer customers bags for favorable prices.
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