bag sealing machine Unlike polypropylene bags, bags (plastic bags) cannot be sewn up. To seal polyethylene bags, you need to use special machines. It is an inexpensive and easy-to-use mechanism. The set includes spare heating elements. Works from conventional 220 volt sockets.
threads and sewing machines of various models Manual "bag sewing" is a simple mechanism that works like conventional sewing machines. Bag sewing machines differ in models, productivity, availability of additional devices, the number of seams, the number of bag sewing threads in the seam, etc. The most popular models of sack sewing machines are:
sack machine GK9-2 The GK9 (GK9-2) sack is the simplest type. Despite the recommended performance of 100! bags per shift (8 hours), in practice this machine processes more than a thousand. In order for your sack sewing machine to work at such a pace, it should be carefully looked after, do not get dirty, do not pull on the sack "with teeth clasped" trying to speed up the seam. Do not be lazy to lubricate the mechanism more often. The more often you do this, the longer it will work.
sack machine GK9-2 orange GK9 (orange) - This is also a GK9-2 sack sewing machine, but a little more expensive than the standard "nine" and much stronger. Parts from good materials are used. Also requires care and maintenance. All bag sewing machines are easy to adjust and customize.
sack sewing machine GK9-12 The GK9-12 bag sewing machine is a convenient reliable mechanism for the correct sewing of polypropylene bags. For all manual sewing bags, threads in spools of 200 g are suitable. Easy to use and easy to configure. All machines must be cleaned and lubricated, otherwise manual bag sewing machines will not work for a long time.
sack machine GK26-1A GK26-1A - the productivity of sewing bags is higher, the lubrication process of the machine is almost automated, cutting off the thread at the end of the pass is simplified. The disadvantage of this sack sewing machine is the weight, which is almost 2 kg. exceeds GK9 (GK9-2 weighs 4.2 kg.)
GK26-2 - Uses two spools of thread for a tighter seam (European). Please note that this is not a double line. In order to pull two seams, you need to use the appropriate types of bag sewing machines.
sack machine Keestar KP-2700 Keestar KP-2700 - if you are tired of GK models, if you want something different and inexpensive, then look at Keestar: the machine is lighter, more comfortable to hold, the thread trimming is automatic, the engine is blown. The plastic handle of the bag sewing machine is easy to grip.
sack machine Keestar KP-3000 The KR-3000 manual sack sewing machine is a more powerful version of the KR2700 model. Slightly larger, but still lighter and more comfortable than the GK-9, sews quietly and evenly. Easily handles 700 bags per shift. All sack sewing machines work from a conventional 220 V "socket". Sewing up sacks with such a machine is quick and convenient.

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spools of thread for sewing bags Sack sewing thread (coil 0.2 kg) - such small spools of sack sewing thread 200 g each. can be used to work with all hand-held machines. Twisted threads 10/3 and 12/4 are great for sewing polypropylene bags. Winding of 900-1000 m. The density of the thread is about 200 tex. it is quick and convenient to sew up bags.
large spools of thread for sewing bags Bag sewing threads in spools of 2 kg. - it is convenient to use for work with stationary bag sewing machines. In such windings, there should be 10,000 meters of thread with a density of 200 tex (slight deviations in performance are possible). Do not confuse with large spools of multifilament thread.
repair of bag sewing machines REPAIR, ADJUSTMENT, SPARE PARTS. Any bag sewing machine (even the most expensive one) requires proper handling and strict adherence to the rules of use. Our specialist will help you fix breakdowns and failures that have arisen as a result of improper operation with a bag sewing machine. There are spare parts and consumables for the main models.
needles for sack sewing machines Bag sewing machine needles. The needle in the sewing machine can break if the setting is incorrect or when the sewing machine is not operated correctly. Also, the needle can become blunt when working with very dense materials. Replacing the needle is a normal and necessary practice. As a rule, in a set of a new typewriter there is a set of spare needles for sewing up the bags. Do not lose the packaging of the needles from the kit, this will help you to choose them correctly in the future.
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